For all of you guys using our Photostream Plugin (as a WordPress widget or included into BigBangWP theme)

I suggest to create your own token because it looks there are too many requests to the token included into plugin / widget so sometimes it won't work.

Register your application here (Register New Client) and insert Client ID below

For OAuth redirect_uri insert

Disable implicit OAuth: must be UNCHECKED

(You'll have to Authenticate)


Your access token is:

Please copy this and use in your application (plugin).

If you're using our WordPress plugin you have to open bra_photostream_widget.js (wp-content/plugins/bra_photostream_widget/bra_photostream_widget.js

If you're using this plugin in BigBangWP theme you'll have to edit the file above and also wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/javascript/bra_photostream.js

If you're using this plugin in BigBang site template you'll have to edit the javascript/bra_photostream.js

Search for the lines

var token = "338517687.1e6cc91.399a0b01a3ed4b9f8bdb229854ae4c11";

and replace the value between the quotes.